Types of Institutions of Higher Education

There are three types of institutions of higher education in Germany

Universities and Colleges ("Hochschulen")

Studies at colleges and universities are academically oriented. Usually a wide range of different courses will be offered. However, some colleges and universities focus on specific fields, for example, on technical studies. In Germany you can only receive a PhD from a university ,or hochschule.

Schools of Applied Sciences ("Fachhochschulen")

Schools of Applied Sciences are typically specialized in certain subject areas. They offer a practice-oriented course of study in the sciences. The training is based on professional requirements. Internships and a working semester are an important part of the course of study. You cannot receive a PhD from a fachhochschule.

Film, art and music schools ("Film-, Kunst- und Musikhochschulen")

Film, art and music schools offer a practice-oriented education focusing on artistic and creative talent. The educators are both academics and artists, such as, for example, visual artists, designers, directors, or musicians. Film, art and music schools have different admissions requirements than other institutions of higher education: Vital here is, above all, artistic talent that must be demonstrated through a special application procedure. We are happy to provide further information upon request.