Language Test

What is your current language level?

Here you can test how good your German is: Are you a beginner, already pretty good, or even very good? The results will give you an indication of how well you understand written German texts, how good your grammar is, and whether you understand many or few words in German. This test will, thus, give you a preliminary orientation as to your level.

The Tests

Responses: There is only one correct answer for each question. At level B2, you can also choose a fourth possible response: "???".

The Levels

Since the tests do not include listening comprehension, oral expression, or written expression, they can provide only an approximate indication of your level. The level descriptions from the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the so-called "can-do" descriptions, can you aid with your self-assessment. They describe what you should generally already be able to do at each respective level.

Sources for the creation of test questions: Placement tests from the textbooks of German publishers Hueber, Cornelsen and Velcro Langenscheidt.