Life in Berlin

Meeting Place of Cultures

Berlin has always been a meeting place of cultures - even in the days when the western part of the city was still surrounded by an insurmountable wall. Today, visitors come from all over the world, making the German capital colorful and vibrant and bringing many new, sometimes "crazy," impulses to life in the metropolis.

In its long history, the city has experienced a lot. The traces are still found throughout Berlin: in the streets, in galleries and in museums. The special blend of history, culture, an established atmosphere and a vibrant spirit of optimism attracts artists and creative types, especially, from all over the world. And Berlin is a magnet for young people.

The native Berliners speak an established dialect - Berlinerisch - and have a sometimes idiosyncratic humor. At times they seem a bit gruff, but if you look past this gruffness, you will discover a big heart and helpfulness and hospitality.

Berlin – this is living at the pulse of time.